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Frequently asked questions for Bisbee Dark Skies

1. Q. The City of Bisbee just updated the lighting codes to become Dark Skies compliant. As a homeowner in Bisbee how does this affect me?

A. These new regulations have very little effect on current homeowners. The new code 7.10.3 says; ” The requirements shall apply to any and all NEW uses and additions to existing land uses, developments, building, or structures.”

The only way a residential homeowner would be affected by these codes is if they decided to turn their home into an Air B & B ( A commercial operation) then they would have to upgrade to the new code.

2. Q. If none of these new codes affect residential home owners how does this city become a Dark Skies Community?

A. At Bisbee Dark Skies our motto is “Lets keep what we have”. 95% of our residences mostly meet the rules for Dark Skies Compliance. These new codes basically affect New Business and future development.

3. Q. I love the concept of Dark Skies in my community. If these new codes don’t mandate my compliance how can I voluntarily update my lights to achieve Dark Skies at my house?

A. This is what we are looking for from residential homeowners. Simply replacing older outdoor unshielded lights with down-facing lower wattage shielded (“ shielded “meaning the bulb does not protrude beyond the housing around it) lights usually is enough to achieve Dark Skies compliance. Home Depot already carries a selection of lights that meet these requirements.

4. Q. I have a neighbor that has an outdoor light that shines directly into my house. Can Bisbee Dark Skies help me with this?

A. NO 


This issue is covered by Bisbee City lighting Code 7.10.6 Light trespass. This has been a city code for years. If this is a problem for you the next step would be to files a complaint through the city Building Inspector and if the neighbor is found to be guilty of light trespass the city will notify them that they have 30 days to change the situation.

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